Lazard Unveils New Art "Intervention" Atop Paris Office


October 05, 2023

Lazard is delighted to unveil a beautiful new art "intervention" on the roof of its Paris office, created by renowned international artist Daniel Buren. 

The work, "Les Nuages Colorés" (Colorful Clouds), was revealed earlier this week atop Lazard's building on Paris' famed Boulevard Haussmann.   

Les Nuages Colorés, typifies Daniel Buren's signature in situ artistic approach, which combines Buren's unique vision and the specific features of the location in which he has been invited to create - in this case, 175 Boulevard Haussmann. 

The art work is comprised of hundreds of vertical strips, alternately clear and colored and employs the use of color, transparency, and - the most important element - the sky itself. "Without the sky, and the sun’s rays, half of the project disappears,” said Buren.

As the sun moves through the sky, the play of the light through the installation alters with each hour of the day, creating a multitude of nuances, projections and reflections on the building's roof deck.

"This exceptional art work is a tribute from Lazard to Paris, a city in which we have been present since our beginning. It marks our 175th anniversary and it anticipates the 2024 Olympic Games, which will be held in our city," said Jean-Louis Girodolle, Co-Head of European Investment Banking at Lazard in Paris. "Daniel Buren's work creates a stunning dialogue between color, light, and the unique architecture of our headquarters, which it magnifies."

A major artist on the international scene, Daniel Buren has been working since the 1960s. Part of his works are designed to meet the particularities of their location, and are created in situ in public spaces, as well as in museums and art galleries.

Click on the carousel below to view Les Nuages Colorés, or click on the link to the left to read a French language article on the art work and the artist. 

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