Chief Executive Officer Peter Orszag on CNBC’s Money Movers

February 13, 2024


On February 13, Lazard Chief Executive Officer Peter Orszag appeared on CNBC’s “Money Movers” where he discussed the potential timing of rate cuts from the Federal Reserve considering the latest CPI print changes.

“I think this is what we were expecting. The Fed was going to wait to make sure that inflation had come down in a more durable away,” said Peter. “[I think] the Fed does not want to have to resort back to quantitative easing in kind of an emergency [situation]. That is another motivation for keeping the rate higher for longer.”

Later in the segment, Peter also shared his outlook for M&A activity, highlighting sectors he believes are primed for activity. Additionally, he touched upon the challenges China must address for economic recovery and the obstacles banks face in the commercial real estate sector.

Click here to watch a clip from Peter’s segment.