Ian Wijaya speaks on Healthcare M&A at ViVE 2023

New York, Healthcare

March 27, 2023


On March 27, Ian Wijaya, Head of North America Healthcare Services participated in a panel discussion entitled “Healthcare M&A: Only Fools Rush In” at the ViVE 2023 event in Nashville, Tennessee.

During the discussion – which featured panelists from health insurance providers, healthcare investors and attorneys – Ian provided insights into the corporate decision-making process behind M&A activity in the Healthcare sector.

“A composite of what we see in the boardrooms in which we operate is that companies will think about what they need to win in their space over the next five, 10 or 15 years. They need to be incredibly careful about where they allocate their precious resources. It starts with what is the futurology of this space? What are the capabilities you need to play to win over the long term? What are our capabilities and what are our gaps? How do we fill those gaps? Do we build organically? If so, what is the quantum of capital that will be required to prosecute on that opportunity and over what period of time?” Ian explained.

“If building is not going to work, what about partnering? Well, can we align incentives to create the impact we are looking to create? Often with partnerships you need to negotiate the divorce along with the marriage, you need to negotiate the governance, and other things. Ultimately, it may be about controlling the unit economics, and it may make more sense to own this on a majority basis or completely. That’s when we get into M&A and from there we think about the landscape of opportunities to fill that gap,” he added.

Ian went on to explain how potential acquisition targets are identified and how each opportunity is scored against each other to determine which target to pursue.

Click the video below to hear Ian’s comments in full.