Lazard President Ray McGuire speaks at the 2024 Bloomberg Invest Summit in New York

Lazard in the News

June 27, 2024


On June 26, Lazard President Ray McGuire joined David Westin, anchor of Bloomberg Wall Street Week, at the 2024 Bloomberg Invest Summit in New York to examine the key sectors positioned for M&A activity and the growing influence of geopolitics on the deal making environment.

Ray emphasized that he anticipates generative AI, renewable energy, cybersecurity, and re-globalization are areas that, at a macro level, will necessitate substantial long-term investment to meet the global demand observed across various sectors. To fully realize the potential of these investments and their outcomes, he noted "We need government policy that's going to be supportive, and then we need private enterprise to partner. And, across the spectrum, you're going to see public-private partnerships that lead our [the United States’] ability to remain competitive."

Looking ahead, Ray remains cautiously optimistic on global economic outlook, suggesting that while challenges remain, there are opportunities for growth in emerging markets in the United States.

"… As we go through all the geopolitical uncertainty, the country which today…. the world continues to look is the United States of America. So, if I look at that and I look at some of the policies that are being implemented and the allocation of capital to the future, I couldn't be more excited about what's in front of us and what's ahead of us," he stated.

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